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The Boronate Affinity Advantage 

Unlike the charge-based separation of ion exchange HPLC, which doesn’t detect all glycated haemoglobin (Hb) species, the Premier Hb9210™ uses the glycation specific binding of boronate affinity to detect all of the glycated Hb species present.

This allows the final result to be determined based on a simple peak area fraction of two species of Hb, making result interpretation extremely straightforward as there are only two peaks on the chromatogram:

  • one glycated (directly correlated to the HbA1c result)
  • one non-glycated (all other haemoglobin types)

With a worldwide increase in diabetes testing combined with increasing ethnic diversity, being completely free of interference from Hb variants gives you complete reassurance that the patient’s HbA1c result is being measured correctly.

Speed & Capacity 

With a sample analysis time of just 66 seconds and results needing minimal interpretation, the Premier Hb9210™ provides the fastest HbA1c analysis time currently available with a CV below 2%.

A capacity of 210 patient samples, which can be processed in batch or continuous loading mode, plus a STAT sample position gives flexibility & capacity to all medium & high throughput laboratories.

Together these combine to rapidly diagnose & monitor diabetic HbA1c levels, allowing the laboratory to meet any compliance targets and freeing up patient queues in busy clinic areas.

Safe & Easy to Use 

Racked tubes allow the operator to quickly add samples, prior to the instrument aspirating them directly from closed whole blood sample tubes using a self-cleaning syringe mechanism. This minimises blood contact & eliminates any manual pre-analytical preparation for the user.

The use of colour- and bar-coded reagents with excellent onboard stability, electronic level sensing and a continuous display of reagent status ensures sufficient reagents are onboard at all times. Less intervention as a user also allows for maximum instrument uptime.

Unique to the world of HbA1c testing, controls can be loaded onto the instrument each day where they are always available for analysis. You simply choose the control frequency for your workload & the Premier Hb9210 will analyse & log QC results at the respective intervals. Remain QA compliant with ease.

Accurate & Precise

The combination of the consistency of HPLC with the clearly defined separation of boronate affinity gives you repeatable, accurate results every time.  In line with the ADA/EASD/IDF Working Group on HbA1c recent guidelines for reporting HbA1c, the Premier Hb9210™ is certified to report in the following units:

  • IFCC (mMol HbA1c/mol Hb)
  • NGSP (% HbA1c) 

You can also rely on best in class precision, linearity & specificity:

  • Precision: Intra-run CVs below 2% guarantee a reliable, repeatable result.
  • Linearity: r² = 0.9958 (for 3.8%HbA1c to 18.5%HbA1c) ensure accuracy for the whole diabetic population.
  • Specificity: minimal interference from variants, interferents, matrix effects & sample freezing.
  • Correlation: vs Trinity Biotech Ultra2 - r² = 0.9962 allowing you to upgrade with confidence.

The instrument is also an IFCC Reference Method and as a NGSP Certification Reference Method can even be used for the correlation of other devices for NGSP certification.

Utilising our patented boronate affinity technology the Premier Hb9210™ offers you accurate & precise results, free from interference, in a rapid & highly scalable package. Delivering substantial workflow benefits, the platform is ideal for the most demanding laboratory & clinic environments.

The instrument consists of an integrated HPLC system, a compact sample handler and the workstation with our Affinity™ control software.

Combined with a touch-screen user-interface & easy to interpret results, this advanced system allows the user to accurately determine the HbA1c results for any workload.

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