Products and Services: Clinical Chemistry

Clinical Chemistry

  • A1c
  • Variant
  • Bile Acid Reagent A
  • Bile Acid Reagent B
  • Calibrator Set
  • Mineral Oil
  • Trizma Buffer Solution pH 8.5 - 0.3 mol/L
  • ACE Calibrator
  • ACE Control, Elevated
  • ACE Control, Normal
  • ACE Reagent
  • Bile Acid Calibrator, 100 umol/l
  • Bile Acid Control Set
  • Bile Acid Kit
  • Bile Acid Stop Reagent
  • Bile Acid X Reagent B
  • G-6-PDH Control Deficient
  • G-6-PDH Control, Intermediate
  • G-6-PDH Control, Normal
  • G6PDH Deficiency Screen kit
  • G-6-PDH Kit Dye reduction
  • G-6-PDH Kit Visual Colour
  • G-6-PDH Screening Test kit
  • G-6-PDH Substrate
  • G-6-PDH Substrate
  • Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehyrodgenase (G6PDH) kit
  • Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehyrodgenase (G6PDH) kit
  • Mineral Oil
  • Red Cell Lysing Reagent
  • Trizma Buffer Solution pH 8.5 - 0.3 mol/
  • EZ HDL / LDL Combination Calibrator
  • EZ HDL™: Cholesterol (kit)
  • EZ HDL™: Cholesterol (kit)
  • EZ HDL™: Cholesterol (kit)
  • Lactate Reagent
  • Lactate Standard 40 mg/dl
  • Lactate Standard Set
  • Cardiolipid Control, Level 1
  • Cardiolipid Control, Level 2
  • EZ LDL™ Cholesterol (kit)
  • EZ LDL™ Reagent 2
  • Lipase Lin-Trol®
  • Lipase-PS™ kit
  • Oxalate kit
  • Oxalate kit
  • Oxalate Reagent A
  • Oxalate Reagent B
  • Oxalate Standard Set
  • Oxalate Urine Control-Elevated
  • Oxalate Urine Control-Normal
  • Sample Diluent
  • Sample Purifier Tubes
  • Sample Purifier Tubes

Since its formation in 1992, Trinity Biotech has actively pursued the aim of becoming a leading player in the international diagnostics industry. A combination of strong organic growth and a progressive acquisition-led strategy has seen the company assemble an impressive portfolio of over 500 products to date.

Specialising in the development, manufacture and marketing of diagnostic test kits, Trinity Biotech’s continued success is based on the fact that as a company it consistently achieves standards of excellence in the quality of all it does.

The test kits manufactured by Trinity Biotech are used in the clinical laboratory and point-of-care segments of the diagnostic market to detect infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, blood coagulation and autoimmune disorders. The company is also a significant provider of raw materials to the life sciences industry.

Primus Diagnostics, a Trinity Biotech Company… supplying the global marketplace with the most clinically useful A1c (glycohemoglobin) methods and the most comprehensive assay system for aid in identification and quantitation of A2, F and Hb variants.

Interference-free affinity based methodology coupled with analytical precision give healthcare providers the unbeatable combination of speed and accuracy in glycohemoglobin testing.

An innovator in hemoglobin variant testing, thalassemias and newborn screening, Primus offers superior separations and the automatic reflex of samples with suspected variants from a quick-scan to a high-resolution method.

Primus… when the right answer is the only answer.

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